segunda-feira, 27 de julho de 2009

Eis aqui um excerto de uma mensagem de apreço que me enviaram há uns dias atrás pelo youtube.
O comentário, feito ao meu trabalho, foi particularmente comovente ou não teria "caído do céu", assim sem mais nem menos...
Bem sei que isto é, muito provavelmente, mais fogo de vista do que outra coisa qualquer, mas não deixo de ficar contente com o apreço e afecto demonstrado.

The Human Being Love, The True Love!
The True Human Being Wisdom!
The Human Being Intellect is far beyond human death and life!
Only the True Love and True Wisdom on CREATION LAWS are...
Our True and Unique Treasures in our Life, material lives!
Only when Earth man discovers by him or her self about
The great and wonderful true truth of
Only then the LIFE, his or her life will change, will begin for better,
Through an amazing and astonishing path and great evolution way for
Every single man and woman on this primitive, naive and innocent
human mass on our beautiful and lovely mother EARTH!
Thank you so much for posting and sharing with us this your amazing and great Art-Musical work from this beautiful song and people performance.
This is awesome.
You are very welcome to me, to my life on Creation Laws.
You do not need to thank me.
The entire contrary, all of us, which we have enjoyed your beautiful video.
We have to thank you for your generosity in sharing such a wonderful
Presentation. An awesome visual and musical art-creation.
I can only tell you that your video has inspired me to
Write the commentary that you have remarked.
Every wonderful moment of Creation,
Every moment of true Inspiration,
In a particular human circumstance or situation,
It is unique.
It is a true moment of love and wisdom.
And you, as a true and sensitive human being,
You have recognized my words of wisdom,
At your wonderful INNER TRUE BEING,
Warmest greetings from your friend,

Javier V. Maldonado
Alliance for Responsible Humankind on Earth & Universes
The Prometheus Project on Creation Laws!

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