domingo, 26 de dezembro de 2010

CHER's monologues...

[Dressing her serious outfit]


- And what's an outfit without a wip?

- So, what did you think of my entrance?

- Yes, it was very fabulous, wasn't it? That actually has worked great in every place, but Cleveland. And... in Cleveland, the chandelier came down and I was hanging up there like some sort of a... transvesti piñata. It was very sad... and a little scary. But, you know, I don't care 'cause I wanted to make this show really fabulous. And I wanted it to be really fabulous because it's the last time I'm doing it.

- You know what? Gimme a freakin' break, ok? I have been an evil freakin' Diva for fourty freakin' years!

- And there's all these young girls and they're all coming to take... well, they're not gonna take my place, but they're gonna take somebody's place.
JLo and Britney and all those girls, you know...
Anyway, you wanna know the truth why I wanna make it so fabulous? I've a motive, ok? And that is, I thought, I'm gonna make this show so fabulous and then I'm gonna say: Follow this, you bitches!

CHER @ Farewell Tour, Miami, 2003

2 comentários:

Astrid disse...

Helder, que a cada minuto de 2011 tenhas a certeza que a vida gosta de te viver. Intensamente!
Abreijos. Óptimo 2011!

Helder Magalhaes disse...

Minha querida Astrid, fico sempre tão feliz com as tuas palavras :)

Obrigado pelos votos. Desejo-te o mesmo. Intensamente! Porque melhor é impossível...

Beijos de um feliz 2011, do