quinta-feira, 27 de janeiro de 2011

CHER's monologues...



- You see, we have to have lots of hair color and lots of beads and lots of costume changes, because, if I don't, Drag Queens all over America will be calling each other going "Oh my God, I saw the Cher show: no costume changes, no beads... do you think she's lost the will to live?"

- And no, I haven't!

[while old guy cheers and waves at Cher]

- You're kind of an old guy to be waving at me, aren't you?...

- I like old guys. Yes, get down on your bad self! I like to see that... Funky old guys...

- No, it's cool! When my hair is really white I wanna be rocking too... that should be about fifteen minutes from now.

- But my mother looks great, my grandmother looks great, so... it's in the genes.

[audience cheers]

- Thank you! Yes. Take that, you BITCHES!

- Haha! I have been doing this for forty freakin' years, ok?!

- I would have done... you know what? I have one thing: do everything you can do NOW. Ok? I wish I'd been a bad ass girl, and I was pretty bad too, but I wish I was worse. You know, I should have done all those things... I... I went "Should I do this? Should I do this?". The hell with it. DO IT!

- You could always look back and go "Shit! I shouldn't have done that!".

- That's my one advice to you young kids: just do it!

CHER @ Farewell Tour, Miami, 2003

quarta-feira, 26 de janeiro de 2011

@ the Southwark Playhouse:

From the heady cynicism of ‘Ladies who Lunch’ to the life affirming ‘Being Alive’, Sondheim’s depiction of modern urban life is intoxicating and startlingly potent.